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We have state of the art machines to fabricate your engineering dreams into sheer reality. With wonderful welders all your fabrication requirements will be met.

Many of the objects in industrial settings and in the home are products of stainless steel fabrication. This metal is highly valued for its properties. Its fabrication requires technical skills and expertise. The produced items boast of a wide range of qualities including functionality and durability. Stainless steel is a material of choice for many fabrication products because of its diverse qualities. This metal is extremely strong. It is resistant to bending, denting and even to scratching. It does not corrode when in contact with water even for long periods of time. Its durability for both indoor and outdoor applications the surfaces are made from this metal can remain hygienic for a long time even after basic cleaning. Germs and other pathogens cannot survive on it for a long time. This explains why it is so widely used in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. In simple words, it is more often used to get the graphic representation of pre-fabricated building components to be used in building construction. So if you would like to get more information about steel fabrication solutions, then please contact us at: info@lingatechnologies.com

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Linga has always been a wonderful support to us. Their dehusking machine is doing magic in our factories.

Apex Coco & Solar Pvt Ltd

Their after delivery service is nothing short of amazing.

Nimula Organics

Automation was our major problem. Linga technologies solved it with their automatic sublimation printing machine. Thank you LT for your awesome solutions.

Chola Industries

They understand the value of time. That’s why their deliveries are also timely. Linga Technologies is the best you can get in terms of quality. Both product and service.

Aswini Homeo and Ayurved Products Pvt Ltd