Mechanical Design and Analysis

Our engineers are well versed in the art of designing and breathing life into your dreams. Our 2d engineering drawing and 3d engineering drawings are a visual treat and each component will be recreated in the drawing with the utmost care and passion

Mechanical Design and Analysis

Our mechanical analysis data help to predict performance, optimize design and validate product behavior before manufacturing minimizing reliance on costly physical prototypes. We also provide information regarding perform thermal stress and multi physics analysis. Multi physics, which uses the results from one analysis type as a load (or) initial condition within a second, different analysis type, helps real world product behavior.

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What Customer Said About Us

Linga has always been a wonderful support to us. Their dehusking machine is doing magic in our factories.

Apex Coco & Solar Pvt Ltd

Their after delivery service is nothing short of amazing.

Nimula Organics

Automation was our major problem. Linga technologies solved it with their automatic sublimation printing machine. Thank you LT for your awesome solutions.

Chola Industries

They understand the value of time. That’s why their deliveries are also timely. Linga Technologies is the best you can get in terms of quality. Both product and service.

Aswini Homeo and Ayurved Products Pvt Ltd